Data Protection Officer as-a- Service

While being compliant to regulations, maintaining a reputation with your customers and employees is critical for the long term success of your company.

Depending on the size and the content of information a company is processing, assigning a Data Protection Officer is mandatory or voluntary. Even though your company do not necessarily need to assign a DPO, it is always a good practice to assign a responsible person for the whole privacy framework.

According to GDPR it does not matter whether the DPO is assigned internally or externally. The main advantage of assigning an external Data Protection Officer is that it totally eliminates the “independence” concerns, as internal resource (dependency) may create conflict of interests and endless debates within the company.

Here are the other benefits of using SecurewayNL’s DPO service:

  • Reaching an experienced team of privacy specialists with wide scope of expertise in data protection activities
  • Flexibly of the outsourcing in terms of not exposing your company HR administration of the Data Protection Officer.
  • Improve the level of GDPR compliance with an independent eye on the privacy framework of your company.
  • Mitigate the risk of conflict of interests that may arise when DPO is assigned from within your company.

Our DPO as a service solution,

  • First starts with a general privacy assessment of your company.
  • Depending on the results of the initial assessment, in order to mitigate some potential gaps, we will then together work on privacy documentation( privacy impact assessment, data privacy policy, data protection officer charter etc.).
  • After having meetings with your business units, we will help you to draft and maintain a data processing inventory document.
  • After setting up the privacy framework in your company, we will continue our efforts to maintain and improve the privacy framework in your company.
  • We will provide privacy awareness sessions in order to increase privacy knowledge within your company both in employee and in managing board level.